Ladder Ball (Ladder Golf)

  Ladder Ball also known as Ladder Golf, is played with 2 or more players or teams. Each player has 3 golf ball bolas. A bola is 2 golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder. The ladder consists of 3 steps, a top, middle and a bottom step.


1 vs. 1.



Game of Skill.


According to the U.S. Patent Office, the official name for the game is Ladder Golf, courtesy of postman Robert Reid from Emmaus, PA.

Reid filed for the patent November 18, 1999 and was awarded US Patent 6,308,956 for “a tethered ball toss game in which,” according to his abstract, “a number of tethered balls arranged at both ends of a series of cords and secured to the ends of the cords by knots are tossed from a prescribed distance toward a number of horizontal bars.”

Known for decades to the Reid family as simply “the ladder game,” the sets of ladders and four-inch balls were brought out for a 1998 picnic and met with great demand from friends and family.

After the death of Reid’s father, George, in 1990, Robert discovered the game he played growing up packed away in the garage, and retrieved it for further use.
An engineer with pneumatics giant Ingersoll Rand, George Reid is thought to have designed the game in the 1940’s.

“I’m 56 years old, and we have had the game as long as I can remember,” Reid says.

Robert Reid’s goal in filing his patent was to see his father’s set sold in stores and has since sold his patent to Ladder Golf LLC, and now works as a distributor for the company.

Matt Peterson of Ladder Golf remarked that the company was founded after seeing it played while camping.

Game Setup and Rules

Prior to game play a line must be set 5 paces from the ladder. This is the called the toss line. The official toss line is 15 feet away but most players measure 5 paces from the game ladder to set the toss line.

This allows for a closer toss line for children’s games. Ladder Golf is played in rounds, each round consists of all players tossing 3 bolas.

The first player must toss all 3 bolas before the next player is able to toss his or her bolas. .

Bolas can be tossed in anyway the player chooses, as long as they are tossed individually and can be bounced off the ground.

The winner of the round earns the first toss in the next round. Games are played to an exact point total of 21. In order to win, a player must be the only one to score exactly 21 points after the completion of a round. If a player goes over the exact point total, that players points for that round do not count.

For example: A player with 18 points needs 3 points to get the exact score of 21 in order to win.

If that player has 5 points hanging on the ladder after all the players have tossed all strands, none of those points count and the player will enter the next round with 18 points again needing 3 points to win.

In the case of a tie, the players that tie will play as many overtime rounds as needed until one player ends a complete round 2 points ahead of the other player. The 2 point rule only applies in overtime rounds. During regular play any player can win as long as that player is the only one to score an exact total of 21 points at the end of that round no matter how many points the other players have.

After all teams have tossed all their bolas, scoring is determined by the bolas that are still hanging from the steps. Players can knock-off bolas during the course of the game, in fact knocking-off other players bolas is encouraged and a good way to play defensively. bolas that are knocked off during play do not count as points. Only bolas that are left hanging after all bolas are tossed are counted as points.

Included in the Kit:

1 x Ladder Ball Set